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Skills Summary


Main Technical Skills Skills Summary Employment Biography I have provided numerous business and information technology services for my employers and their clients.   This includes but is not limited to the following:
  • Business/business plan development, accounting/accounting systems integration
  • Troubleshooting/diagnostics of hardware, software, networks, operational procedures, transactional inefficiencies, etc.
  • Initiate/recommend proper course of action for repair/correction of flaws as well as recommend/implement proper upgrade components, paths and procedures
  • Information technology research, consultation & recommendations
  • Network infrastructures development  (from blank paper to installation, training & tech support)
  • Procurement and deployment of enterprise servers, workstations, operating systems & related applications
  • Integration of current technologies with legacy systems
  • Training/instructional classes and technical support services

I am thoroughly proficient with IBM PC AT+ configurations and Microsoft Windows architecture.  Given the necessary parts I can build and configure a PC as well as install and integrate MS Windows and related applications with one hand tied behind my back!  I have a high degree of expertise with many different types of applications based on the Windows-Intel platform.

I have an understanding of internetworking and dial-up networking including network protocols.  I have heavy level of experience with setting up computers for Dial-up networking as well as publishing and administering web sites with FTP and HTTP protocols.  I am also involved in Web Site design, custom graphics, programming and administration.  This resume was designed as a web to showcase the effectiveness of electronic publishing using current technologies.  The following Webs are exclusively developed and/or administered by me.

I have excellent troubleshooting, organizational and implementation skills.  I am totally comfortable either as a team player or as a goal-oriented independent.  I absolutely enjoy 'problem-solving', especially when it involves improvising existing methods to a higher level of efficiency.  Providing the highest quality of service with an eye towards cost-effectiveness, is my trade mark.   I believe every problem is solvable with the proper research and subsequent application of that research data.